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  1. 10% OFF Anesthesia Secrets Book
    Anesthesia Secrets

    Edited by Brian M. Keech

    Jul 2020

    Special Price £35.09 £38.99
  2. 10% OFF Crash Course Anatomy and Physiology Book
    Crash Course Anatomy and Physiology

    Samuel Hall

    Dec 2018

    Special Price £28.79 £31.99
  3. 10% OFF Crash Course Haematology and Immunology Book
    Crash Course Haematology and Immunology

    Gus Redhouse White

    Dec 2018

    Special Price £28.79 £31.99
  4. 10% OFF Crash Course Pathology Book
    Crash Course Pathology

    Olivia Mckinney

    Dec 2022

    Special Price £28.79 £31.99
  5. 10% OFF Crash Course Pharmacology Book
    Crash Course Pharmacology

    Catrin Page

    Dec 2018

    Special Price £28.79 £31.99
  6. 10% OFF Critical Care Secrets Book
    Critical Care Secrets

    Polly E. Parsons

    Apr 2018

    Special Price £34.19 £37.99
  7. 10% OFF Dermatology Secrets Book
    Dermatology Secrets

    Edited by Whitney A. High

    Feb 2021

    Special Price £43.19 £47.99
  8. 10% OFF Endocrine Secrets Book
    Endocrine Secrets

    Michael T. McDermott

    Sep 2019

    Special Price £35.99 £39.99
  9. 10% OFF Guyton & Hall Physiology Review Book
    Guyton & Hall Physiology Review

    John E. Hall

    Feb 2021

    Special Price £30.59 £33.99
  10. 10% OFF Nephrology Secrets Book
    Nephrology Secrets

    Edited by Edgar V. Lerma

    May 2018

    Special Price £34.19 £37.99
  11. 10% OFF Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book Book
    Netter's Anatomy Coloring Book

    John T. Hansen

    Nov 2021

    Special Price £17.99 £19.99
  12. 10% OFF Netter's Neuroscience Coloring Book Book
    Netter's Neuroscience Coloring Book

    David L. Felten

    Mar 2018

    Special Price £15.29 £16.99
  13. 10% OFF Netter's Physiology Coloring Book Book
    Netter's Physiology Coloring Book

    Susan Mulroney

    Jul 2021

    Special Price £16.19 £17.99
  14. 10% OFF Netter's Physiology Flash Cards Flash Cards
    Netter's Physiology Flash Cards

    Susan Mulroney

    Dec 2015

    Special Price £25.19 £27.99
  15. 10% OFF Pass the PSA Book
    Pass the PSA

    William Brown

    Mar 2020

    Special Price £33.29 £36.99
  16. 10% OFF Pediatric Secrets Book
    Pediatric Secrets

    Richard Polin

    Sep 2020

    Special Price £38.69 £42.99
  17. 10% OFF Physical Diagnosis Secrets Book
    Physical Diagnosis Secrets

    Salvatore Mangione

    Jun 2021

    Special Price £35.99 £39.99
  18. 10% OFF Rheumatology Secrets Book
    Rheumatology Secrets

    Sterling West

    Dec 2019

    Special Price £38.69 £42.99
  19. 10% OFF Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology Book
    Robbins and Cotran Review of Pathology

    Edward C. Klatt

    Aug 2021

    Special Price £38.69 £42.99
  20. 10% OFF USMLE Step 2 Secrets Book
    USMLE Step 2 Secrets

    Theodore X. O'Connell

    Nov 2021

    Special Price £35.99 £39.99

Osmosis - studying simplified

  • Comprehensive library of 2,000+ videos covering nearly every topic you’ll see in class – simplified so you can absorb hours’ worth of lectures in minutes
  • 15,000+ Flashcards designed with spaced repetition (like Anki) for maximum recall ability, even when you’re faced with exam anxiety
  • NEW! Printable Notes for easy reference to the subjects that’ll matter most when you sit down for your exams
  • 7,300+ USMLE-style and 300+ OMM questions to test your knowledge and feel more confident on exam day

Complete Anatomy - 3D anatomy platform

  • Explore the incredible female and male gross anatomy models to enhance your understanding of complex regions and structures
  • Refresh your knowledge with our comprehensive portfolio of Courses, presented by renowned anatomy educators
  • Test yourself with our Quizzes library; there are hundreds to choose from!